Re Mortgages

When it’s time to change to a new mortgage, how do you navigate the complicated lending market? There are often better mortgage rates to be found, but pinpointing the best deal can be almost impossible in a market filled with thousands of different offers.

You may want a low fixed-rate, a longer payment term, flexibility to pay back more if you can or an interest-only deal. Here at Mortgages For You our experts will look at your individual situation and find the mortgage best suited to your requirements. We go further than many other agents to find mortgages for our clients, even where they have a complicated financial history.

It is worth reviewing your mortgage deal from time to time as new and better value products come on to the market. We can advise you as to whether your existing mortgage can be improved upon and find the best option for you from the huge array available.

Even if you have an early repayment charge to consider, it may still be cheaper to find a new mortgage. We will take existing penalty clauses into account when looking at the figures for you. We can also explain the different types of mortgage available and make sure you have the right one for your situation.

If any of the following apply, then contact us for help navigating the mortgage market:

  • You want to transfer ownership of your home to your sole name, or from your sole name into joint names with a partner and at the same time review your mortgage situation.
  • You think there might be a better deal available with a lower interest rate.
  • You’ve reached the end of a fixed rate period on your existing mortgage and you’d like to find a new fixed rate deal so that you know how much your future payments will be.
  • You would like a lump sum of money, for example for property renovations or college tuition.
  • Your needs have changed and you’d like lower payments or alternatively you’re in a position to pay back more each month.
  • You’d like to consolidate a debt so that you’re paying the lowest possible interest rate.

If you’d like to test the market and see whether your existing mortgage deal can be improved upon, contact us. Here at Mortgages For You we pride ourselves on finding the best deals around and helping our clients to reduce their payments or shorten the length of time they’re paying off their loan.

Our advice is clear, impartial and jargon free, with no obligation to take up any new mortgage deal if you decide not to go ahead after all.

To speak to one of our remortgage experts, ring us on 0121 285 3282.

We’ll help you through the application process and stay with you while solicitors deal with the legal side of the remortgage.